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Postby Zoalord » Mon Dec 31, 2001 10:09 am

rfw* went up to Nashville Saturday morning to attend Kat 5 Kaos a Lan group in central TN area that has been doing Lan's for about a year now they said. The event started slow with a 3:00 opening setup and had public play till about 8:00pm that night when the first tournament was scheduled. During this time there were a couple of power outages just like any other LAN but things got straightened out around 5:00pm.

Kat 5 Kaos was a blast and we all enjoyed ourselves some of the different aspects that this lan included free beer (good), a DJ that ran 100% of the time (ouch, my ears were hurting by the end of the night), 2 projectors ( 1 for specing tournaments, the other for a playstation 2 they had setup with every game available thanks to GameStop)

If anyone is interested in going to the next one the date is in Feb. don't remember the date but its on the rfw* calendar page.

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Postby ChrisLayton » Mon Dec 31, 2001 11:46 am

Me and matt magbee almost went but I have been sick and didnt feel like making the journy. I am sure they will see me at one soon with them having them monthly
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