how the tournaments will work ...

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how the tournaments will work ...

Postby Cheese » Tue Nov 26, 2002 1:11 pm

It's kind of hard to predict how many people are going to show up for which games, and these formats/games are subject to change at any time, but as for now the tournaments will be ...

5v5, de_maps, CAL server config
etc etc, you all know the drill by now
prizes: its fking hard to shop for 5 man teams but it looks something like plantronics headsets and tshirts for 1st, ratpads for 2nd, bawls for 3rd

To narrow it down initially, a FFA Battle Royale will be played, the top half (or less depending on tourney participation) will advance to the 1v1 bracket where it will be single elimination to determine the winner
once again, CAL server config
prizes: expensive crap like altec lansing speakers and computer cases

This was the most voted tournament, but how many people sign up is yet to be seen. The format I've decided on is small teams (5v5 as opposed to online league's 10v10) and CTF. Conquest is not very good for what we're doing.
and you guessed it, CAL server config
prizes: leet case fans and bawls, 2nd - tshirts

Should one tournament randomly fall through do to lack of attendence or it just sucking, alternate tournaments will be either Age of Mythology, or Natural-Selection.

unofficial tourneys may be run, but we probably wont have any prizes for them outside of 1 bottle of bawls to the winner ;\

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