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Postby Pharsalus » Mon Nov 18, 2002 8:03 am


The call is out! GibFest 8.0 is only weeks away--NOW is the time to pre-pay for your spot! There will be tournament and non-tournament gaming ALL night long, prizes, refreshments, (possibly) music streams, an FTP server...ANYTHING you could ever want at a LAN (besides topless dancers and large quantities of alcohol...maybe next time. ;p ) is going to be there...

...EXCEPT YOU if you don't pre-pay your spot! Remember: unless your money is in OUR hands when you walk in, you don't have a spot! So get it together! The more pre-pays we get, the more money we have to work with come event time. That means better prizes, spur of the moment refreshments, etc.

It's $15 pre-pay (which guarantees you a seat), or $20 at the door -- $5 more and no guaranteed entry if you pay on-site. Why spend more for less!?

Good luck, and game on!


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Postby ChrisLayton » Mon Nov 18, 2002 10:37 am

Might want to send this out in a email with info on how to pay. Where to send the $$ cut off time for $$ my mail. Event where they can pay (if you are going to have one) or phone numbers so they can call you and get you the $$.


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